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Univero is a global plastics trading company with offices in Singapore, USA (Houston), Hong Kong & China. It also has a strong partner network in South East Asia, South & Central America & Middle East.

Univero have a dedicated team with years of experience & strong knowledge of these markets & have been servicing its customers with a complete satisfaction. It always offers comprehensive products information, technical consultation, quick response to logistic needs and overall attention to detail for all transactions. We ensure of the quality of our products with due diligence of our supply sources & authentication via self inspection, agency certificates & references.

Reduce | Reuse | Recycle

Univero started plastic scrap & recycling business as an environmentally conscious company and have a commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of the plastic industry through recycling materials. We aim to achieve more success and most importantly to help preserve our planet so that our future generations could enjoy the beauty of the nature.

So, we all need to find ways to ensure that the 3Rs are truly embedded in our living

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Plastic Off Grade/Sweepings

PS Chunks
PP Powder Grade A

Plastic Reprocessed Granules

LDPE Film Milky White
LDPE Film Grey Heavy Duty
LDPE Film Mix Color- Post Industrial

Plastic Scrap

PET regrind- Pellets
WEEE Regrind
HDPE Pipe Regrind with Evoh small %

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